A lot of you guys know the story, on why Scott became a trainer, but for those that don't My wife Susan had a tragic car accident when she was 16 losing her father and leaving her comatose and very little chance of survival.

Susan pulled through but was paralysed in her left side. She had to learn to walk, talk and basic motor skills all over again. Even after the rehab Susan still had a massive limp and what's called drop foot as her foot would drag behind her. And weakness in her left arm. At the age of 21 Susan began the first of a kind operations to rectify the foot and leg, moving tendon origin and insertions and reactivating paralysed motor neuron activity. After the first operation Susan was sent to a physio who literally had no idea what to do, as this was never done before.

At that point that was it for me I was to study with the best and make sure I was highly qualified enough to not only rehab Susan my self, but have input to all further operations. And there was a lot 6 to be exact. The down time of immobility with these also caused weigh management problems so off I went again to complete my nutritionist and bodybuilding coaching qualifications. By going through all of this it gave me the will to help others so study is now forever ongoing and to my fit for life family it's really Susan and yourselves you can thank for the amazing results you achieve not me. As for her not going through what she did we would not be doing what we do now.

When you see myself and Susan in the gym just think of how she has to concentrate on moving a muscle in a completely different way that we all do. And from never being able to walk again to almost running and pushing 330kg on a leg press I think she is amazing. And so are all of you.



Diploma Sports and Exercise Nutrition

As you can read from above Susan has come along way with her training from a very hard place. from all of this to figure competitor 10 years ago to personal battles with pcos and weight gain due to this and ivf. Making her somewhat of an expert on pcos weight loss and supplementation. Susan was highly motivated to open fit for life to help other people through the same battles she has gone through, and continues to do so.

Cfo and Co Founder of Fit For Life Gym



Cirt III fitness instructor

Cirt IV personal trainer

Diploma of Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Dylan specialises in strength and conditioning coaching, sports specific training, Weight loss, Classes and body transformation.

With a background in football training  Dylan's ability to get you results is unsurpassed. 

With Dylans's own transformation he not only knows how to do it but has done it himself.


Cirt III fitness instructor

Cirt IV personal trainer

Dpiploma of Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Joel's background is in bodybuilding, Making him not only and amazing trainer for bodybuilding, conditioning, weight loss and general fitness. But also our resident coach on the gym floor every day helping all of our members with proper form, tips and technique.


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